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Apartment Rental Search Site is a Chico, California apartment rental website and was launched in 2010 by The Hignell Companies in response to the question:

How can we make searching for an apartment on the internet more enjoyable?

Let's face it, apartment searching in Chico, California isn't exactly the definition of a good time, but what if a website actually made the experience more fun?

We Make Searching for An Apartment in Chico California Funner!

We designed  our website with the Chico California community in mind. We have dedicated ourselves to providing you with fun and valuable information on Chico California, Chico Life, and apartments in Chico. Our mission statement is: "Creating Caring Communities" and we want to have fun along the way. We could have been like all those other apartment search sites and done the same old boring apartment listings, but that's just not us, and frankly that's not Chico. We know the place you live is important to you and your family, it's part of your life, and it's where you build your memories. That's why we try to bring a little life to apartment listings. How do we bring life to your apartment searches?

Lots of Information about Living in Chico!

  • Apartment Video: Including full walk-thru's and virtual tours
  • Apartment Photos: Inside and Out
  • Benefits and Features to Each Apartment
  • Restaurants, Events, and History of Chico
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Chico California Apartments We Love to List

There are a few things you should know about your search results for Chico California apartments for rent. We list the best. We are proud of the apartments we list and have personally made sure they meet our qualifications. Why? Because we value the community of Chico and want to make sure people living in, or moving to Chico feel welcome and happy in their home. At you will find the best places to live in the Chico area. We are proud of our staff both in the office at The Hignell Companies, and onsite at the various properties around town.
We welcome you to join us by living in any of our Chico properties, and by visiting our site often to see what has changed. Have suggestions for things we should add? Find a great new restaurant you think we need to tell everyone about? Let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Thanks again for visiting Enjoy the tour!

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