Resources for Apartment Living

At Living In Chico we realize that life is best when we are part of a community and have others to help us out when we need it. Making your apartment searching experience less stressful is what we are all about, but we also want your apartment living experience to be the best that it can be! We provide a variety of resources to help you with your apartment living needs, get you plugged into the community of Chico and just make life a little easier! Enjoy and we hope this makes apartment searching and apartment living funner!*

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Funner Than The Phonebook Directory

For the most popular local places in Chico, who needs the drab ol' phone book when you can have the Funner Than The Phonebook Directory! It has all our favorite places to eat, shop and play in Chico as well as emergency numbers you might need!

Funner- than-the-phone-book

The Ultimate Moving Guide Book Cover

The Ultimate Moving Guide

Moving can be such a chore. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Let this guide make your life easier and your move go as planned.

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Things to Consider when Renting eBook cover

7 Things to Consider When Renting an Apartment

Whether you are a first time renter or a seasoned veteran at finding the perfect apartment, don't rent your next apartment without reading this eBook first! It's sure to help you ask the right questions and consider your must-haves!

Things to Consider when Renting eBook cover

Apartment Comparison Chart cover

Apartment Comparison Sheet

Are you looking for in the next place you call home and want to see what options are available? This chart shows all the information you need in one place. Lists apartment of amenities, features, starting rents, and more!

Apartment Comparison Chart cover

How to make apartment searching and living funner

How to Make Apartment Searching Funner

Here at we help make searching for an apartment and living in a apartment more enjoyable. This eBook is an overview of our interactive website, beautiful properties and amenities.

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11 Things To Do After You've Moved eBook cover

Guide to Apartment Living

11 Things To Do After You've Moved In! With boxes piled high all around, where do you ever start? This guide will help you tackle unpacking and make settling into your new home even better.

11 Things To Do After You've Moved eBook cover

New Resources for Apartment Living with Pets- Pet Tool Kit

Apartment Living: Pet Tool Kit

We think pets make Living in Chico funner*, which is why we are here to help! Whether you are looking for a pet friendly apartment or looking to add a pet to your current apartment these 5 FREE resources will help!

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11 Things To Do After You've Moved eBook cover

Safety Tips

While living in apartments in Chico, these tips can help you stay safer and enjoy apartment living! This eBook also reviews emergency and maintenance procedures. Great to have on hand!

11 Things To Do After You've Moved eBook cover

Renter's Insurance 101 eBook cover

Renter's Insurance 101

Can you afford NOT to be covered? Get informed by downloading this eBook and make sure your property is covered and you are provided for in the case of a disaster.

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Cleaning Checklist eBook cover

Cleaning Checklist for your Move-Out Inspection

Moving is enough work on it's own, and the task of cleaning your old apartment can seem daunting. But it doesn't have to be! This eBook includes checklist and tips to help you shine during the process!

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